Headband Sizing

Selecting the most comfortable headband doesn’t have to be challenging!
Size Head Size Fits Ages
Large 21" Teens and adults
Medium 20" Teens and adults *
Small 19" Age 8 and older
X-Small 18" Age 2-7 years old
XX-Small 17" Age 6-12 months old
Newborn 15" Newborn to 6 months old

Headbands stretch an additional 2 to 3".

Determine the best fit

  1. Do ball caps or wide brimmed hats fit snug? Or do you have to adjust to squeeze your hair into any type of hat, or look for a bigger size? Try a LARGE in our headbands. 
  2. The most popular adult size is the MEDIUM *. View the chart (above) if you’d prefer to measure your head circumference. It's best to measure with a ribbon and compare to the measurements on a ruler.
  3. Do you feel like your head is smaller then others, adult hats are always big or your hair is thinning. A SMALL may be the best fit.
  4. The children’s headband is flexible and lightweight to fit a variety of head sizes. The knot bands can be re-tied to fit the little one’s head.