Determine best size for soft fabric headbands, and more. Offering a variety of accessories. Many products are provided by our favorite brand - Stay Kool Bands! All items are made in Cleveland Ohio, unless specified.

Sizing & Care

Please have a flexible item (like a rope or ribbon) and a ruler available to measure the circumference of your head. Measure from forehead around to the base of the back of your head, and back around to match the two ends. Using this length, put the ribbon against the ruler to see what measurement you are.

LARGE >>> Fits heads 21-23”. Ideal for teens and adults.
MEDIUM >>> Fits heads 20-22”. Ideal for teens and adults. This is the most popular size for adults.
SMALL >>> Fits heads 19-21”. Ideal for age 8+, teens and some adults.
X-SMALL >>> Fits heads 18-20”. Ideal for 2-6 years old.
XX-SMALL >>> Fits heads 17-19”. Ideal for 6-12 months
NEWBORN >>> Ideal for babies up to 6 months. Most items in this size are adjustable.

The sizes above are the smallest size in inches for the head it will fit. You do not want the headband super tight. It is best to round down to the next size if your head is measuring smaller than the inches listed. For instance, if your head measures 19.5" then a small would fit looser and an X-Small would fit snug.

We recommend placing your item(s) into a mesh lingerie bag. Wash with your regular laundry and dry on a low or medium heat. You may also hand wash and hang to dry in your shower.

Did your item make it in with your regular clothes? Don't worry, these items are made to last but washing in a mesh bag will help them last a bit longer.

The recommended placement on your head is a bit "forward" than typical store-bought headbands. Wear the headband slightly over your forehead and covering your hair line.

Most of our fabrics are a sturdy blend of polyester and spandex. Our items are soft, stretchy and sweat wicking.

Shipping & Handling

2-5 business days. We are closed on weekends and holidays.

If you live or travel to the area of Cleveland's East Side, then we may be able to accommodate a local pickup. Please contact us with your name, city, zip and order request - we'll let you know if we can accommodate!

We currently offer standard and expedited shipping through the United States Postal Service (USPS). Shipping costs are automatically calculated during checkout. All rates quoted include our USPS commercial discount and we do not charge any handling or packaging fees.

Yes, simply write in the notes on the checkout page that you would like to “Hold my order” or “Keep my box open” and we will not ship your order until confirmed by you. When combining orders, if there are any shipping charges that are not used, we will refund them back to you within 72 hours of shipping your order.

Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. Seller isn't responsible for delays due to customs.

The FDA regulates wearable items. We cannot accept returns on used, worn or opened items. We back all of our products and offer to make adjustments as needed! We will happily assist to make a headband tighter or fix a hole free of charge! Send an email with a full description and photo (if possible) and request a pre-paid return label. Allow us a few days to make adjustments to the item and we'll send it right back, with a tracking number.